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In Which I Lose My Innocence


So I found a copy at Larisa's house, and she let me borrow it.

And, um...yeah.

My eyes rolled so much that I'm still dizzy.

To paraphrase our president-elect:  You can put lipstick on a pig, and it's still a pig.  You can put strawberry-scented shampoo and sparkles on a steaming cow patty, and it's still a steaming cow patty.

Of course I need to read the next one now.  


As they say in Cleoland, you are a lolfan:
"I pretty much made up this word just now to describe the kind of people (i.e., me) who read these books for the sole purpose of snarking on them and yet cannot stop oh God please send help. Levels of affection for the subject matter may vary; macros and icons are often involved. Twatlighters (see below) are a good example of lolfans."
Cleo was the one who first brought the stupid things to my attention. We've been friendly acquaintances since I was involved behind the scenes of a pop culture forum we both frequent.

I've actually been putting off reading them due to the fact that the forum is now overpopulated with twatlighters.
I have strong suspicions that many (not all, but more than a few) people who "only read them for the LULZ" secretly really like them but are too embarrassed to admit it. Which is extra irritating. I mean, we all have guilty reading pleasures! Just own up to it, don't pretend that you're spending 10 hours a day on it only for the IRONY.
I think that a few of them are, but the vast majority seem to truly like it. However, many seem to have found a balance with "I see how stupid it is, but I have a real fondness all the same." Kind of how I feel about Billy Joel.