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In Which I Lose My Innocence


So I found a copy at Larisa's house, and she let me borrow it.

And, um...yeah.

My eyes rolled so much that I'm still dizzy.

To paraphrase our president-elect:  You can put lipstick on a pig, and it's still a pig.  You can put strawberry-scented shampoo and sparkles on a steaming cow patty, and it's still a steaming cow patty.

Of course I need to read the next one now.  


Don't lie, you know you want to spend the next 14 hours writing fanfic and designing anti-Twilight websites and photoshopping images of Robert Whatshisface.

But seriously, that's cool that you gave them a whirl. I really don't care what people read (except when they front about why they're reading it), I was just giving you a hard time. :)
Hmph. I'm still far too busy with my 1000 page epic that will fix all of the things that Rowling got wrong in Deathly Hallows.