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 Bought the Demon Hunters  role-playing game.  From the folks at Dead Gentlemen Productions (Creators of the cult hits The Gamers and The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising), Demon Hunters is in many ways typical of the popular "Urban Horror" rpg setting:  The characters are all members of a secret society dedicated to serving the side of good in the endless war between Heaven and Hell.  Drawn from all walks of life, they often have access to scientific and magical goodies unavailable to the rest of society to assist them in this noble battle.  The difference between this game and most others in the genre?  

Come on.  We're talking Dead Gentlemen Productions here.  This game is funny as shit.

From tongue-in-cheek geek culture references (the combat ambidexterity trait is named "Not Left-Handed Either") to an irreverent take on thousands of years of Biblical history ("God commands the Archangel Michael to appear before Mary, a Jewish virgin, and tell her that she will bear in her womb the Christ.  Michael, quite drunk, appears before a fishwife in Japan and tells her that her womb will bear carp.  Michael is sued for sexual harassment."), this is one of the few games of the past several years that is worth the investment for the sheer pleasure of reading it.  Also, the game includes a DVD by DGP that purports to be a training video for new recruits in the war.  This serves as an excellent introduction to the mood and theme of the game, and I wouldn't be surprised to see other gaming companies following suit in the future.

I'm starting a campaign with one stoner half-angel (Laurel), a 3'6" lothario half-demon with access to lots of weapons (Mike), a descendant of Bubastis (Larisa), and what looks to be a former child soldier (Ras?  Raz? Whatever.  I'll get the spelling later.).  The first game in years to make me really want to run a campaign.


OMG they made a game based on the movies? I am DED OF SQUEE! I saw both Demon Hunters movies and laughed my ass off.

Wait...there's a sequel to The Gamers? MUST GET THIS.
I haven't seen the DH movies yet. The game was my introduction. However, they have surged to the top of my "Must buy when I have money" list.
This sounds great!

The attitude reminds me of Mekton: The Game of Giant Japanese Robots. My friends and I never played the game, but we rolled up characters several times, mostly because the roll-up procedure was hilarious.
That sounds hilarious. I'll check it out if I ever run across a copy.
oh. My God...
In all fairness, I did warn you.
I know. I just couldn't look away...