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The Inaugural Speech, Summarized For Your Convenience

 "Hi, America.  I'm your new President.  Let's all grow the fuck up, shall we?"


HEEE. True dat.
Fucking brilliant. A++, would vote LOL again.
Which Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reiterated thusly:

I love him. haha.
I saw him do that on live TV! Would've been cooler if he'd used the hand with the missing finger, though....
That was on tv? Oh man. I haven't watched my tape yet.

That is EXACTLY what I thought as soon as I saw this picture, he should have used the other hand. ha!
It's sort of refreshing after 8 years of leadership that was just great!! for a frat house. It's time to sober up, clean up the beer bottles, stop playing with guns and hit those books or were gonna loose our student loan money.